NzbNation Terms & Conditions

Section 1 - Defintions:

Site - NzbNation, the site itself, and all of services & features

NzbNation - synonymous to Site

User - Either a premium or a non-paying user, anyone that uses this site in any fashion

We - Owners of the site

Service - all the services offered by the Site

NZB/NZB File - an xml file that enables users of usenet to more easily locate data on the public service usenet

Section 2 - Our Service:

NzbNation will be subject to the terms of this agreement. The terms of this agree may change from time to time and by using this site you agree to check these terms often.

Section 3 - Your Use of the Site:

By using this website you agree to the terms and conditions set forth on this page. If you do not fully agree with the terms and conditions set forth on this page then you must discontinue use of the site and its features and exit the site immediately. You also agree to check the terms and conditions often for any changes.

You may only use the Site for lawful and legal purposes only.

You do not have the right to register anyone else besides yourself as a user of this site.

You may not make copies of the Site or our data or any part of it without our prior express written consent. You may not use our services in any way they were not intended to be used.

The Site may contain links or advertisments to external sites. We are in no way responsible for the validity of third party data. The User is responsible for making sure of the validty of any third party information, data, or advertisments.

We accept no responsiblity for your use of the Site. We will accept no consequences brought forth by your use of the Site.

Section 4 - Your Indemnity to Us

By using this Site and therefore entering into this agreement you agree that if you in any way, shape, or form breach this agreement which causes anyone affiliated with us, our employees, our subcontractors, our advertisers, our related companies, our directors, or our agents to be subject to criminal, imperative, or moneytary disadvantage then you agree to give an indemnity against it including without limitation any damages costs loss of profits disbursements penalties or fines.

Section 5 - Our Promises:

You agree that the Site may go offline withouyt prior notice for upgrades and/or manteince. We strive to get the site back up as quickly as humanly possible. In no way, shape, or form are we responsibly for any loss you incurr becuase of the downtime of the Site.

Section 6 - Intellectual Property:

Content from this website comes from many sources, including our users. We attempt to as best as possible monitor the content uploaded by our Users. Trademarks may appear on this site which do not belong to those of the submitter. These trademarks are simply here to enhance the description of the goods and services being offered. The fact that a trademark may be present does not constitute any claim of ownership, liscense, or express any sort of approval by the trademark holder. By using this site you are giving us permission to use your submissions in any way we please, and you indemnify us, which is explained in this agreement, from all consequences if any of the above are not true. You may not use the Site to transmit data in breach of copyright laws, or any intelletual property rights.

Section 7 - Uploading:

You agree when uploading/posting NZB files from Usenet that you are not committing an act which would in any way, shape, or form enable, encourage, or suggest an unlawful act by any other person. It is important to note that under rare circumstances we may be required by law to help copyright owners in identifying members who committ such acts.

This Site does not upload any content to Usenet, we simply index the public service Usenet via NZB files.

Section 8 - Termination of Service:

You may terminate your service at any time by contacting us.

Any fees payable for the service of the Site are non-refundable.

We reserve the right to terminate your account if you breach this agreement.

Section 9 - Liability:

We are in no way responsible or liable for any damages or loss you incurr, be it physical, monetary, or mental that you sustain because of the use of this service. By using this site you understand that we cannot be responsible for the losses or damages sustained as a result of our users. You agree to use this site at your own risk

Section 10 - Changes To This Agreement:

By using this site you agree that we can at any time modify or change this agreement. You agree to check back frequently for changes made. If you disagree with a modification/change/addition then you agree to discontinue your use of the site.

Section 11 - Contact Details:

We do not publish any contact details for any user on this site.

Section 12 - Third Party Contracts:

No third party has any rights to enforce or act upon in the name of this agreement.

Section 13 - Contact Us:

Please see the Contact Us page regarding contact information.

Section 14 - Site Abuse:

If you have any problem with the site please contact us. If you have a problem with another user on the site please contact us as well. We do our best to ensure the satisfaction of every user and because of that we take care of matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. If a user is found to be abusing the site, then we reserve the full right to discontinue their service as define above because of their non-compliance to our terms. Scraping our site in any way, copying data or parts of data from our site and submitting it elsewhere constitues as abuse and will result in a discontinuation of your account with us.

Section 15 - Agreement in its Entirety:

You agree to use this Site at your own risk. We accept no responsibility any loss you may incurr in using our site and/or service. You agree not to breach any copyright laws when using this site, or encourage or suggest any other user of this site to breach any copyright law as well. You will be held responsible for any damages we incurr because of any disregard for copyright laws, which is fully explained in the indemnity clause above.