Privacy Policy

IP Address

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique address that networked devices use to communicate with eachother over the internet.

We (NzbNation) do not record IP addresses for any purpose. Your IP address is never availiable to the public for viewing.

Email Address

NzbNation does require a valid email address to become a user of this site and its services. Since we do not activate your account via an email, it is up to you to confirm you have given us the correct email address, and should that email address be incorrect, you are responsible for updating it via your account settings.

NzbNation does not sell or allow other parties access to your email address.

External Links

NzbNation is cannot be responsible for any third party links and their content posted on our website. We advise you to investigate the validity of the information on the third party site, and if you find it offensive, we encourage you to report it to us.


All comments are considered property of NzbNation and its owners. Any material that would violate copyright law is forbidden. No cracks, serials, or keygens are to be posted anywhere in the site. Doing so will result in a discontinuation of our services. Do not post links to any affiliated or competitors, as will be considered span and will result in a breach of this Privacy agreement.

Security and Integrity

We cannot gurantee that our systems will never be compromised. Because of this, we cannot be responsible for the missuse, loss, altercation, unauthorized access, or unjust use of data.

Entire Privacy Policy

Breaching any part of this privacy policy will result in a discontinuation of our services for the offending party.