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About NzbNation

NzbNation was established in 2008 to be the top source for all your NZB file needs. We strive to listen to our users to implement desired new features. We enjoy developing new features for the site as we believe it is important to always strive to be a little bit better.

About Usenet

Usenet is a world-wide distributed discussion system. It consists of a set of "newsgroups" with names that are classified hierarchically by subject. "Articles" or "messages" are "posted" to these newsgroups by people on computers with the appropriate software -- these articles are then broadcast to other interconnected computer systems via a wide variety of networks. Some newsgroups are "moderated"; in these newsgroups, the articles are first sent to a moderator for approval before appearing in the newsgroup. Usenet is available on a wide variety of computer systems and networks, but the bulk of modern Usenet traffic is transported over either the Internet or UUCP. (taken from

NzbNation Basics

Categories & Subcategories - There are many ways to find a desired NZB file on NzbNation. All NZB files are classified into a category. They are then further subclassified into a sub-category. In the sidebar there is a list of the major categories, and then the subcatories beneath them. You can view all the files located within that category or subcateogry simply by clicking on the link.

Grouplist - Also located in the sidebar is the grouplist. This is a listing of all of the usenet groups that we have NZB files present for. Simply click on one of the groups to see all of the files in that newsgroup.

Retention & Results - Many users have requested that we incorporate a feature to allow the user to save preferences such as retention and results per page. Because of the great demand, we have implemented the feature, along with two easy ways to change it. One resides in the sidebar, and makes for convient changes to make made without navigating away from your current page. You can also change these settings by going to Account -> Site Settings and altering your preferences there.

RSS Feeds NzbNation offers you a wide selection of RSS feeds. There is two ways to get an RSS feed from any NZB browsing page. There are two ways to accomplish this, one is to simply click the image in the sidebar that says RSS and that will give you an RSS link for the current page when applicable. The same thing can be accomplished by clicking on the upper right hand corner when browsing through any NZB's whether that be by group, keywords, filters, or any advanced or simple search filters.

Changing Account Settings - Account settings can be modified by going to Account > Account Settings. Here you can change your email and password.

Payments - All payments to NzbNation are non-automatic renewing. This may be changed sometime in the near future depending on demand for renewable payment system. A history of your payments can be viewed at Account > Payments. If you see a problem with one of your payments, please contact us with all of the relevent information regarding the incorrect payment.